Story behind the wrist pin cushions — samaritansewer Yesterday I stopped at the Mighty Dollar store to look for some sewing notions to add to the sewing kits for the girls in the Kenya orphanage. I thought about my “must have” pieces of equipment when I sew and one of the tops is the wrist pin cushion. It saves me so […]

via Story behind the wrist pin cushions — samaritansewer

Story behind the wrist pin cushions


Yesterday I stopped at the Mighty Dollar store to look for some sewing notions to add to the sewing kits for the girls in the Kenya orphanage. I thought about my “must have” pieces of equipment when I sew and one of the tops is the wrist pin cushion. It saves me so much time because it stays with me when I sew, or move to the ironing board, or cutting table, or stop by the kitchen. I never have to worry about spilling the box of pins either! So when I saw these regular pin custions at the dollar store I got them and transformed them into wrist pin cushions by tieing on andsewing together the ends of elastic. The final step was to make each one look a little different by the addition of a button. For those of you who don’t sew, you may not realize there is a function to those red apple cushions your Mom may have used. The saw dust centers clean and sharpen the pins and needles. The ironic part of this gift for the girls is that it comes with some family “heritage.”  I come from a line of Singers – Robert D Singer and Jessie Mae Singer where my parents! So for less than $1 a piece these girls will get a much loved sewing notion. Sewing may be a life saving skill for these girls in Kenya. This project has been a great distraction for me this week, too. Those of us who live with chronic pain know that sometimes you just have to find something to do that gets your mind off your pain.

Morning devotion time on the deck

It’s just me and Savannah on the deck as I do my morning reading and quiet time with God.  Not completely silent because of the large number of birds calling out and singing to one another.  The temperature is perfect and the view spectactular!!  I am semi-reclined in my zero gravity chair, “as happy as can be.”  Praise God for His  goodness which is way beyond what I deserve.  I am journaling on my iPad and learning more every day about using it.  I desire to end this big trail of paperwork everywhere.  File boxes, picture albums, etc.  I am happy to do my journaling here and recording here.

Yesterday I completed the Dorothy from Wizard of Oz dress, basket, and hair bows.  I put it on the dressform, took pictures, and added it to my Etsy account, putting a link to my facebook page.  All of those tasks required the practice of many newly learned skills.  These are steps in the process of becoming a better seller. I need to keep repeating these steps so I become more efficient!

Savannah stays by my side almost like my guard.  She hasn’t left the top portion of the deck I am on; all the while she is looking out and listening intently as if she is my protector.  She is the best dog ever; a terrifc “therapy” dog if there ever was one!

Pink pintafore top and bloomers from old pattern

Many of my girl friends might recognize this old pattern from when your Mom or Grandmother made you an outfit off this pattern.  I was asked to sew a little girl an outfit off this pattern that her Mother purchase online.  I am sure she paid more than 85 cents for it!  She bought some beautiful pink cotton fabric that had linen in it.imageimage  She fell in love with a pinafore outfit she saw online and wanted one sewn for her daughter.  Everytime I looked at the pattern I was brought back to my childhood days when Mom would sew for me.  Each pattern envelope in those days only contained one size.   That was much easier to follow when cutting out.  I remember having several pintafore outfits.  I also remember forgetting to wear my bloomers underneath one time and getting scolded for the error, too!  My customer was very pleased with the end product and said it was one outfit she planned to save as a keepsake for her daughter along with her infant outfit whe saved.  I am so glad my Mom sewed for me. She made those unique, one of a kind dresses, a labor of love for sure.  image.image

3 special gals who were a great blessing to me yesterday

  1. Lauren was the first gal that approached me when I entered the Apple store yesterday.  I wanted some help and some simple answers to my questions.  She provided that and so much more, all with kindness, in an instructional but not demeaning way.  She never belittled me for what I didn’t know which is huge, since I am rather new to my iMac, iphone 4, and ipad and the Apple operating system in general.  She never made me feel like I needed to ungrade any of my devices to help solve my problems.  She also didn’t tell me I needed to sign up for a work shop in order to get my questions answered.  She just gave me great customer service with a smile.  Granted the store was not busy and there were several free employees when I approached the store.  Thanks, Lauren, for a great start to my day.
  2. I met Mom next for a delicious  early lunch at The Cascades.  As always, she went out of her way to make sure I got everything I wanted out of the meal and then some more.  There was no leaving that place without being totally full and having every culinary desire met.  We took care of some paper work and then she sent me home with first fruits from her garden: a cucumber and a zuchini.  Thanks, Mom, for a great lunch and visit.
  3. My day ended with a sweet encounter with Vicki, my pastor’s wife.  When you step into her home (which I did for Life Group) or anywhere near her “personal space”,  you are in for a treat.  She graciously ” works ” a room or home or church meeting place, like no other.  She catches the eye of all she can or gives you a light tap, as if to say, I am so glad to see you.  If she gets the opportunity to talk with you, it is always to comment positively about something she knows is important to you or to remind you that she has been praying for you, or to tell you that she will be praying for you; always giving details that reflets she was listening and taking mental notes of those needs.  You know too, that she means what she says about praying for you because you will often get a text after she has done so.  I have no idea how one woman who interacts with so many people can do that!  Thank you, God, for blessing my day, with one of your gracious and beautiful servants!

Teachability and Word Press Book

The teachable moment was a concept I learned many  years ago in my education courses in college.  I recall many times in my teaching career I made adjustments to my lesson plan to take hold of that teachable moment in which I sensed I needed to take advantage.  Well, this morning I am hit with how many times in the last week God has been trying to show me my need to be teachable in His ways.

  • As part of my morning devotions, I am reading Joanna Weaver’s Having a Marry Heart in a Martha World;  an old favorite that several friends are joining me in reading right now prior to our monthly dinner meetings.  This week there was one whole page entitled “Are You Teachable?” with a questionaire asking us readers to respond with a U (usally), S (sometimes), and R (Rarely).  
  • The questionaire ended with the reminder “a teachable heart is one of life’s greatest treasures.”     Proverbs 4:13 “Take firm hold of instrution, do not let go; keep her, for she is your life.”

So what does that have to do with Word Press book  This week has been partly taken up with getting resources to help me with my new journey in learning to use my new iPad.  I checked out one brand new book from the library iPad for Dummies which I have reference many times in my, shall we say, “learnable moments.”  So one of my personal goals is switching from daily hand writing in a journal to using my blue tooth keyboard and iPad to record my journal entries (which by the way, when you use a blue tooth keyboard I learned your don’t have spell check :(, hence more spelling errors.)  I have managed fine with basic, plain Jane, private, daily recordings but I wanted help in doing attractive entries for my Samaraitan Sewer background stories.  So with my 20% coupon in purse, I headed to Barnes&Noble for aide in Word Press.   My daughter-in-law, Jenn, had kindly referenced a free course offered by Word Press online, one of those “Linda says” things but Roy’s concern was I might forget to cancel after the free part. Roy knows me so well..  So this “old school” gal fell back to her comfortable mode of book learning for a reference.  At B&N I wasn’t finding what I wanted on my own so I asked for help.  Does that help qualify me for being “teachable?”  The cashier directed me to the correct section to look but I still didn’t find exactly what I thought I needed. She then got a floor worker to help and he kindly showed me exactly where the Word Press for Dummies was located!  Thankfully, he didn’t even smurk when he showed me its location!

I often wander how many times God directs me back to His Word for my daily instruction in life so that I may have a heart like Mary’s as I am living in a Martha World?

Doing my homework and getting my stuff organized

It has been quite a long time since I have written here on WordPress.  I got very busy this new year organizing all my fabrics, trims, patterns and sewing supplies as well as making many new sample garments.  I am going to try my hand at selling at a local Arts and Crafts fair early this summer.  I am also trying do a better job of selling my dresses on Etsy.  So folks, I have done my homework; checking out books from the library and reading through some instructional books on various social media and electronics, alias .”…for Dummies.”  I have also done my share of reading some inspirational books as you see below.

IMG_2734Yes, there is also an excellent book in the group entitled Chronic Pain.  Chronic pain is still my daily companion/ “thorn in the flesh”.  Even though I have changed to a gluten-free, dairy-free diet hoping to reduce inflammation, the pain is still a challenge.  But sewing little girls dresses in a well set-up sewing room is a great way to getting my mind off my pain.

A young gal from church has offered to help me with my social networking.  Learning to use an iMac and and iPhone have been enough of a challenge without including using WordPress, Etsy, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.  So hopefully I will be sharing my stories and blessings more frequently with the prompting and assistance from the younger generation friend.  I remind myself I am doing all of this for the purpose of supporting orphans and young girls in need of a pretty dress.  That makes it all worthwhile!  Thanks for reading.

Thanksgiving ’14 alias, Larry Byrd’s Family Feast

IMG_1906This Thanksgiving was different from most of all the ones held in our home because our turkey was given a name, Larry Byrd. You see, my dear daughter-in-law, Jenn, offered way in advance to make the turkey. She wanted to order a turkey from a farm owner that sells in her local farmer’s market that she visits and supports nearly every Saturday morning. I could not turn down that offer! So during the long day of preparations in her kitchen, Jenn’s husband, Trent, our #2 son, gave bird the name Larry, Larry Byrd. So through out the day, Trent posted on Facebook “the ball’s in your court, Larry” and “You’re traveling, Larry!” Throughout the day, of course, many folks joked about “It’s all about the baste, ’bout the baste!” LOL Jenn even made dressing and stuff Larry prior to baking. That was a special treat, especially enjoyed by Roy, since that is the way his Mom used to do the stuffing. We even saw a picture of the scrumptious looking turkey on Facebook before Trent packed him up for delivery; “over the river and throughout the woods to Grandmom’s Berkshire Park home.” The sad part – I never got a picture of Jenn, the domestic goddess, holding her trophy culinary dish 😦 There was too much commotion and last minute dish preparation and getting everyone to the table once they arrived. The homemade gravy she made looked so dark and delicious. Gravy making was always a culinary challenge to me but Jenn seemed to master it with no problem.

The pictures I posted are just random shots I took when time allotted and I actually remembered to take a picture. 😦 We took a family group photo at the very end of our celebration day and maybe later I will get a copy of that to share. For now, I reflect of miscellaneous other activities of the day: Patrick mashing the potatoes, Trent playing soccer with Landon, Jenny multitasking all day long with nursing, feeding, changing diapers, making the traditional corn/green bean casserole, rolls, ice cream (even a delicious Coconut/Soy ice-cream she and I could enjoy), washing dishes, and a million other mothering tasks. The kids enjoyed some crafts that I contributed. I actually captured the moment when Kinsley was inserting the puzzle piece of a pumpkin in my puzzle/book 🙂 It was a special treat for Jenny and I to get a few minutes to play two piano duet, two Thanksgiving traditional songs: We Gather Together and Come Ye Thankful People Come. We were all glad Grandmae was doing so well after fracturing 3 ribs only 10 days earlier. She especially enjoyed getting to hold Macie several times. One random memory that has only a visual picture in my mind was everyone talking and laughing after the meal. Of course, Patrick’s brothers had to tease him about not having a girl friend yet and maybe they needed to sign him up for E Harmony! Lots of little things to be grateful for that do not overshadow our big thanks for a family that was all together with lots of food and fun times for all, even Savannah was decked in a Thanksgiving bow and savored all the extra treats and love she got.

Thanks for reading my ramblings. I just want to say thanks to all my family for all that went together to make the day memorable. Thanks, too, to Larry Byrd, for the ultimate sacrifice! 😦

IMG_0379 IMG_0380 IMG_0384 IMG_0386 IMG_0387 IMG_0388 IMG_0390 IMG_0392 IMG_0393

Photo shoot and hair cuts with the Grand daughters and Jenny.

Jenny asked me to come and watched the girls while she got her hair trimmed and highlighted. I decided to pack lunches for us before I left the house since her appointment was at noon. I love these new “to go” salad containers from Aldi’s.


  • IMG_1343




After the “photo shoot” we headed to the beauty salon and Kinsley got her hair trimmed first. The girls and I headed home for lunch while Jenny stayed there. Kinsley enjoyed having a picnic at her house and ate lots of salad, guacamole, and oranges. She was ready for her nap after that. After all, it takes a lot of energy being a cute for the camera!IMG_1351IMG_1356