3 special gals who were a great blessing to me yesterday

  1. Lauren was the first gal that approached me when I entered the Apple store yesterday.  I wanted some help and some simple answers to my questions.  She provided that and so much more, all with kindness, in an instructional but not demeaning way.  She never belittled me for what I didn’t know which is huge, since I am rather new to my iMac, iphone 4, and ipad and the Apple operating system in general.  She never made me feel like I needed to ungrade any of my devices to help solve my problems.  She also didn’t tell me I needed to sign up for a work shop in order to get my questions answered.  She just gave me great customer service with a smile.  Granted the store was not busy and there were several free employees when I approached the store.  Thanks, Lauren, for a great start to my day.
  2. I met Mom next for a delicious  early lunch at The Cascades.  As always, she went out of her way to make sure I got everything I wanted out of the meal and then some more.  There was no leaving that place without being totally full and having every culinary desire met.  We took care of some paper work and then she sent me home with first fruits from her garden: a cucumber and a zuchini.  Thanks, Mom, for a great lunch and visit.
  3. My day ended with a sweet encounter with Vicki, my pastor’s wife.  When you step into her home (which I did for Life Group) or anywhere near her “personal space”,  you are in for a treat.  She graciously ” works ” a room or home or church meeting place, like no other.  She catches the eye of all she can or gives you a light tap, as if to say, I am so glad to see you.  If she gets the opportunity to talk with you, it is always to comment positively about something she knows is important to you or to remind you that she has been praying for you, or to tell you that she will be praying for you; always giving details that reflets she was listening and taking mental notes of those needs.  You know too, that she means what she says about praying for you because you will often get a text after she has done so.  I have no idea how one woman who interacts with so many people can do that!  Thank you, God, for blessing my day, with one of your gracious and beautiful servants!

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