Morning devotion time on the deck

It’s just me and Savannah on the deck as I do my morning reading and quiet time with God.  Not completely silent because of the large number of birds calling out and singing to one another.  The temperature is perfect and the view spectactular!!  I am semi-reclined in my zero gravity chair, “as happy as can be.”  Praise God for His  goodness which is way beyond what I deserve.  I am journaling on my iPad and learning more every day about using it.  I desire to end this big trail of paperwork everywhere.  File boxes, picture albums, etc.  I am happy to do my journaling here and recording here.

Yesterday I completed the Dorothy from Wizard of Oz dress, basket, and hair bows.  I put it on the dressform, took pictures, and added it to my Etsy account, putting a link to my facebook page.  All of those tasks required the practice of many newly learned skills.  These are steps in the process of becoming a better seller. I need to keep repeating these steps so I become more efficient!

Savannah stays by my side almost like my guard.  She hasn’t left the top portion of the deck I am on; all the while she is looking out and listening intently as if she is my protector.  She is the best dog ever; a terrifc “therapy” dog if there ever was one!

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