Pink pintafore top and bloomers from old pattern

Many of my girl friends might recognize this old pattern from when your Mom or Grandmother made you an outfit off this pattern.  I was asked to sew a little girl an outfit off this pattern that her Mother purchase online.  I am sure she paid more than 85 cents for it!  She bought some beautiful pink cotton fabric that had linen in it.imageimage  She fell in love with a pinafore outfit she saw online and wanted one sewn for her daughter.  Everytime I looked at the pattern I was brought back to my childhood days when Mom would sew for me.  Each pattern envelope in those days only contained one size.   That was much easier to follow when cutting out.  I remember having several pintafore outfits.  I also remember forgetting to wear my bloomers underneath one time and getting scolded for the error, too!  My customer was very pleased with the end product and said it was one outfit she planned to save as a keepsake for her daughter along with her infant outfit whe saved.  I am so glad my Mom sewed for me. She made those unique, one of a kind dresses, a labor of love for sure.  image.image

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