Story behind the wrist pin cushions


Yesterday I stopped at the Mighty Dollar store to look for some sewing notions to add to the sewing kits for the girls in the Kenya orphanage. I thought about my “must have” pieces of equipment when I sew and one of the tops is the wrist pin cushion. It saves me so much time because it stays with me when I sew, or move to the ironing board, or cutting table, or stop by the kitchen. I never have to worry about spilling the box of pins either! So when I saw these regular pin custions at the dollar store I got them and transformed them into wrist pin cushions by tieing on andsewing together the ends of elastic. The final step was to make each one look a little different by the addition of a button. For those of you who don’t sew, you may not realize there is a function to those red apple cushions your Mom may have used. The saw dust centers clean and sharpen the pins and needles. The ironic part of this gift for the girls is that it comes with some family “heritage.”  I come from a line of Singers – Robert D Singer and Jessie Mae Singer where my parents! So for less than $1 a piece these girls will get a much loved sewing notion. Sewing may be a life saving skill for these girls in Kenya. This project has been a great distraction for me this week, too. Those of us who live with chronic pain know that sometimes you just have to find something to do that gets your mind off your pain.

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