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Teachability and Word Press Book

The teachable moment was a concept I learned many  years ago in my education courses in college.  I recall many times in my teaching career I made adjustments to my lesson plan to take hold of that teachable moment in which I sensed I needed to take advantage.  Well, this morning I am hit with how many times in the last week God has been trying to show me my need to be teachable in His ways.

  • As part of my morning devotions, I am reading Joanna Weaver’s Having a Marry Heart in a Martha World;  an old favorite that several friends are joining me in reading right now prior to our monthly dinner meetings.  This week there was one whole page entitled “Are You Teachable?” with a questionaire asking us readers to respond with a U (usally), S (sometimes), and R (Rarely).  
  • The questionaire ended with the reminder “a teachable heart is one of life’s greatest treasures.”     Proverbs 4:13 “Take firm hold of instrution, do not let go; keep her, for she is your life.”

So what does that have to do with Word Press book  This week has been partly taken up with getting resources to help me with my new journey in learning to use my new iPad.  I checked out one brand new book from the library iPad for Dummies which I have reference many times in my, shall we say, “learnable moments.”  So one of my personal goals is switching from daily hand writing in a journal to using my blue tooth keyboard and iPad to record my journal entries (which by the way, when you use a blue tooth keyboard I learned your don’t have spell check :(, hence more spelling errors.)  I have managed fine with basic, plain Jane, private, daily recordings but I wanted help in doing attractive entries for my Samaraitan Sewer background stories.  So with my 20% coupon in purse, I headed to Barnes&Noble for aide in Word Press.   My daughter-in-law, Jenn, had kindly referenced a free course offered by Word Press online, one of those “Linda says” things but Roy’s concern was I might forget to cancel after the free part. Roy knows me so well..  So this “old school” gal fell back to her comfortable mode of book learning for a reference.  At B&N I wasn’t finding what I wanted on my own so I asked for help.  Does that help qualify me for being “teachable?”  The cashier directed me to the correct section to look but I still didn’t find exactly what I thought I needed. She then got a floor worker to help and he kindly showed me exactly where the Word Press for Dummies was located!  Thankfully, he didn’t even smurk when he showed me its location!

I often wander how many times God directs me back to His Word for my daily instruction in life so that I may have a heart like Mary’s as I am living in a Martha World?